Bradley Adjustable Desert Camo 6 color Pattern (NEW)

Bradley Adjustable Desert Camo 6 color Pattern (NEW)
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  • Item #: BA-DESERT-CAM-6
  • Manufacturer: Bradley Cheek Rest
  • Cannot ship to: Germany

 This camo pattern is a (6) color pattern that works great in earth toned desert or wooded areas. The NEW Bradley Adjustable Cheek Rest can be used as a one piece 3/8" rise cheek rest,or,can be adjusted up to 1 1/2" inch of comb height, made of KYDEX, comes with our Heavy Duty NON Slip pad for a perfect non slip mount and fit. Be the first to write a review on this purchase if you like to let others know how it worked for you and what your application is I.E rifle, rings, rail, scope, caliber ect. This is a brand new product and is Pat-Pending.. Click on the (write a review) on this catagory. The adjustable model also fits the M1A style rifles.

NOTE...Please mention under instructions WHEN ORDERING AT CHECKOUT if you have a MEDALIST TYPE stock,or Hook type stock on your rifle, we need to make sure you get the right length straps. These type of thicker stocks require longer strap placement.

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